Outside Writing

I’ve written a lot outside of this blog.

Some of my favorite pieces are linked below, but I’ve also saved a much wider selection in this handy notebook in case the Internet loses them. Some of the notebook articles have been blogged here already — I’m polytheistic about backing this stuff up.

You can find more of my work on Quora, where I mostly write about college admissions and charitable donations, and the Effective Altruism Forum, where I write about… effective altruism.

Philosophical Aaron

Review: The Act of Killing 

On the Death of Roger Ebert 

Death is Not the End: How Humanists Can Think About the Afterlife

Making Believe: Stories from Yale’s Religious Converts

Long-Form Aaron

Carpe Noctem: Master the Science of Parties 

In Limbo: Wage Theft at Yale’s Most Popular Store

Always Outnumbered, Never Outplayed 

Getting Lucky: The Well-Kept Secrets of Yale Poker 

Interviewer Aaron

Interview: Dave Goulson

Interview: Jeph Jacques

Interview: CHVRCHES

Silly Aaron

This Could Get Heavy: A Weightlifter’s Journey

The Yale Literary Magazine’s Guidelines for Poetry Submissions 

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