Charitable Donations (All Years)

On this page, I list every charitable donation I’ve made since I started college. I’m keeping this detailed information off of my main donation page for two reasons:

  1. To avoid cluttering the page with an enormous table of data.
  2. To make it more obvious where I’ve chosen to give recently (that is, the causes I think are most important right now).

Money Donated

Date Amount Organization Notes
11/28/17 1750 Centre for Effective Altruism,
Split 60/40. Timed to coincide with matching funds from the Gates Foundation through Facebook’s Giving Tuesday event.
10/28/17 500 Centre for Effective Altruism Funding for projects to strengthen the EA community. See here for details.
9/27/17 500 Centre for Effective Altruism Funding for projects to strengthen the EA community. See here for details.
8/15/17 250 GiveDirectly Given to support GiveDirectly’s basic income experiment.
4/14/17 150 AMF
12/15/16 1250 EA Donor Lottery, Centre for Effective Altruism My end-of-year donation. $500 went to support Paul Christiano’s interesting donor lottery idea. $750 went to CEA, which runs a number of useful EA projects.
12/6/16 350 AMF, Innovations for Poverty Action, Environmental Defense Fund My share of donations from a Giving Game co-sponsored by The Life You Can Save.
9/10/16 750 GiveWell Operational funding.
7/12/16 500 AMF In support of a friend’s campaign.
6/26/16 1000 AMF and .impact Split 60/40.
4/17/16 2000 AMF and GiveDirectly Split 70/30. The GiveDirectly donation resulted from their basic income announcement, though I gave unrestricted funding.
2/1/16 1000 Givewell and CFAR Split 90/10. The Givewell donation was for operational support.
1/15/16 1250 .impact, the Parsemus Foundation, and the Against Malaria Foundation Split 40/20/40. The Parsemus donation was made in honor of David Benatar. The AMF donation matched a fundraiser from EA Adelaide.
11/23/15 1515 Evidence Action, GiveDirectly, and the Against Malaria Foundation Two-thirds of this was matching funds for winter fundraisers by student EA groups. The other third went to sponsor a Giving Game I helped to run at the company where I work.
10/16/15 900 GiveWell and the Global Priorities Project Monthly donation, split 55/45.
9/17/2015 500 GiveWell Monthly donation. This month, I gave to support GiveWell’s operations.
8/9/2015 400 GiveWell Monthly donation.
7/25/2015 100 GiveWell Monthly donation.
7/25/2015 20 The Internet Archive Warm-and-fuzzy donation to a nonprofit whose services I use regularly.
6/11/2015 75 Giving What We Can Annual fundraiser. Inspired by this article on the charity’s impact.
5/23/2015 50 Givewell Monthly donation
5/12/2015 50 Seva and Possible Gift for a friend
4/5/2015 20 Against Malaria Foundation Gift for a friend’s birthday
3/12/2015 30 Seva Yale Effective Altruists giving game
3/12/2015 20 Oxfam Yale Effective Altruists giving game
2/20/2015 100 Charity Science Annual matching fundraiser
1/31/2015 40 Givewell In memory of a friend
1/27/2015 50 Givewell In memory of a friend
1/21/2015 15 Centre for Effective Altruism Annual matching fundraiser
12/27/2014 50 Center for Applied Rationality Annual matching fundraiser
12/25/2014 100 Evidence Action Yale Effective Altruists winter fundraiser
12/23/2014 100 Evidence Action Yale Effective Altruists winter fundraiser
12/2/2014 100 Givewell Monthly donation
11/2/2014 100 Givewell Monthly donation
10/22/2014 300 Yale Effective Altruists Initial funds for the nonprofit I founded at Yale. Spent on operating costs and advocacy work.
9/30/2014 125 Givewell Monthly donation
9/7/2014 38 Givewell Monthly donation
8/1/2014 100 Machine Intelligence Research Institute Summer matching fundraiser
7/23/2014 152 Givewell Monthly donation
7/3/2014 150 Givewell Monthly donation
6/5/2014 20 Givewell Gift for a friend
5/29/2014 200 Givewell Birthday donation
3/7/2014 150 Givewell First donation after I became an effective altruist
12/24/2012 115 Vittana Christmas gifts for family