What Is Alpha Gamma?

The Blog

I want to make the future a better place to live, hopefully in a way that also improves the present.

I think that our top priority as a species ought to be making sure civilization doesn’t collapse. Other important priorities include:

I have original viewpoints about some of these things, but sometimes I write about them just to summarize the insights of others.

I also write about:

  • Life as a college student (whatever stage of life I’m in).
  • Thought experiments that are meaningful, ridiculous, or both.
  • Short stories, humorous lists, essays, and other wordplay.
  • Ways to be rational in a practical sense: Getting what you want, and wanting things that are good for other people as well as yourself.

I like to write, and this blog is mostly a place to put words when I don’t have other places to put them. The more I think and write, the better I hope to get at writing and thinking.

I hope you’ll join me for that journey, even if it’s the part where I’m not very good yet.

The Name

Here’s where “Alpha Gamma” came from. Cheers!