Hello! I’m Aaron Gertler.

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About Me

I was born in 1993. The next 15 years were kind of a blur. In 2008, I started keeping a journal to make up for my atrocious memory. Since then, I’ve written millions of words about my life and thoughts.

I graduated from Yale in 2015, with a degree in cognitive science. After that, I worked in many places; I’m now a writer at Open Philanthropy. I also play and stream Magic: the Gathering for a bigger audience than I ever expected.

My interests include rationality, effective altruismphysical fitness, and the hazy concepts of “communication” and “collaboration” — helping people work together and be nice to each other, despite the fact that we all live alone inside our own heads.


I keep reviews, ratings, and playlists on Goodreads and IMDB.

In fact, these might be more useful than my blog, since I expect you to like the best things I’ve read or seen more than you like anything I’ve created. Bon appetit!


Of all the fun facts about me, these are three of them:

  1. I donate at least 10% of my salary to charity.
  2. I’ve attempted two NaNoWriMos and written 1.5 terrible novels.
  3. I lost a tooth in a fistfight when I was 7 years old. (It grew back.)