Hello! My name is Aaron Gertler.

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About Me

I was born on May 27, 1993. The next 15 years were kind of a blur. In 2008, I started keeping a journal to make up for my atrocious memory. Since then, I’ve written down most of the things I do or think about.

I graduated from Yale in 2015, with a degree in cognitive science. After that, I worked for a company called Epic, and then moved to San Diego, where I now work as a freelance writer, tutor, and consultant to a private charitable foundation.

donate much of my salary to very effective charities. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time reading, writing, taking long walks, and relaxing with my wife.

My intellectual interests include rationality, effective altruismphysical fitness, and the hazy concepts of “communication” and “collaboration” — that is, helping people work together and be nice to each other, despite the fact that we all live alone inside our own heads.



Of all the fun facts about me, these are three of them:

  1. I lost a tooth in a fistfight when I was 7 years old. (It grew back.)
  2. I’ve attempted two National Novel Writing Monthsand written 1.5 terrible novels.
  3. I want to live forever. Or at least long enough to know that my children will live forever.