Charitable Donations

I practice effective altruism — an ethical system whose followers aim to make the world a better place using scientific evidence and careful reasoning. At the moment, most of my impact comes from personal giving: I donate at least 10% of any money I earn or find on the ground. I’ve made my donations public, in case anyone finds the information helpful. 


Why Do I Give?

I’ve lived a very fortunate life. I was born into a well-off American family, the son of two parents with college degrees. I attended a famous university. I didn’t deserve any of this; if I’d been born somewhere else, my life would have gone very differently. I give because I want to share the results of my luck with the less fortunate.

I also give because I think that human happiness is the best thing in the world (in all its forms: love, excitement, satisfaction…). I already have a good, satisfying life, so I don’t need to buy more happiness. Instead, I can use money to help a lot of other people live happier lives. This strikes me as a fantastic opportunity.

If you have any questions about my giving or my beliefs, send me a message!



Date Amount Organization Notes
9/27/17 500 Centre for Effective Altruism Funding for projects to strengthen the EA community. See here for details.
8/15/17 250 GiveDirectly Given to support GiveDirectly’s basic income experiment.
4/14/17 150 AMF
12/15/16 1250 EA Donor Lottery, Centre for Effective Altruism My end-of-year donation. $500 went to support Paul Christiano’s interesting donor lottery idea. $750 went to CEA, which runs a number of useful EA projects.
12/6/16 350 AMF, Innovations for Poverty Action, Environmental Defense Fund My share of donations from a Giving Game co-sponsored by The Life You Can Save.
9/10/16 750 GiveWell Operational funding.
7/12/16 500 AMF In support of a friend’s campaign.
6/26/16 1000 AMF and .impact Split 60/40.
4/17/16 2000 AMF and GiveDirectly Split 70/30. The GiveDirectly donation resulted from their basic income announcement, though I gave unrestricted funding.
2/1/16 1000 Givewell and CFAR Split 90/10. The Givewell donation was for operational support.
1/15/16 1250 .impact, the Parsemus Foundation, and the Against Malaria Foundation Split 40/20/40. I donated to Parsemus as a gift to David Benatar. The AMF donation matched a fundraiser from EA Adelaide.
2015 3785 Multiple organizations (50% Givewell) Second year as a Giving What We Can member.

First year (six months) working a salaried job.

~10% of income.

2014 1685 Multiple organizations (primarily Givewell) First year as a Giving What We Can member.

~9% of income.

For full details on my giving before this year, see this page.

Thanks to Tableizer for helping me create this table. And most of all, thanks to Giving What We Can for getting me into the habit of helping others.

(This page was inspired by Peter Hurford.)